Reviews and Ratings in Explorer

by Graham Jones - August 26, 2016

Several weeks back we started a series showing the features of the Waterway Explorer, which includes Ratings and Reviews - Navigation Alerts - Fuel Prices - Bridges and Locks - Marinas - Anchorages. This week we complete the series with a reminder that your Star Ratings and Reviews are the latest addition to Explorer.

For Boaters:

When you visit a marina, go through a lock, anchor somewhere from our list, get fuel or want to update a navigation alert, simply fill out the online form and post it. Our full-time team of editors and staff will review it and post it for other boaters to see. No sign in, no subscription necessary and easy to do. We're on the water with you since 1947! The Cruising Authority.

For marinas:

Waterway Guide ensures that a 2-way discussion occurs whenever there are negative or positive reviews. We provide all marinas the opportunity to respond to all reviews about their businesses.

Before we publish content we check for slander, that the topic is valid and that all the details provided are relevant to boaters. Our team of dedicated cruising editors and full-time staff provides this attention to detail.

Our recommendation is that you, as a marina, respond to ALL reviews and let boaters know that you care. Say "thank you" to positive reviews - and always explain your position if you receive a negative review. Unlike other review postings, you can have a two-way discussion with Waterway Guide. And we listen.