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Discovering Stock Island Yacht Club and Marina

Date Posted: 2021-02-16
Source: Ed Tillett, Editor-In-Chief


Exploring new destinations is one of the reasons we leave the dock, wherever we may call home. An exceptional way to spend a few days in December 2020 for some of Waterway Guide’s editorial team was discovering the hospitality and quiet private compound at Stock Island Yacht Club and Marina.

Approaching from Hawk Channel, arriving at the entrance to the marina basin confirms that you are a little off the beaten path. Inside is sheltered and accommodating, with room to maneuver and well-protected from tides and wind. As a Waterway Guide Featured Marina, the facility lives up to its designation with great service from the dockhands, easy hookup to power and water and on-site facilities that make you not want to leave. And many liveaboard vessels do just that each year.

But Key West beckons when you are this close. So, while Stock Island is a favorite destination for me due to its funky boatyards, shops and docks, our crew headed out for the requisite tour of downtown. Always a delight to be in the Key West buzz, we found the crowds in town minimal due to the pandemic and plenty of space in the restaurants, stores and bars for the three days we were there.

Stock Island Yacht Club and Marina provides boaters of all interests and expectations plenty to choose from with its health club and spa, beaches, special events, restaurant, service technicians, ship store, fuel docks, pool, laundry and dry storage. The dog-friendly status of the marina is another reason we appreciated the walking trails and beach.

Being in Key West in December is joyful enough for a Chesapeake Bay native and resident. Combined with the offerings of Stock Island Yacht Club and Marina makes the location a sure bet and preferred destination for our next trip south. Hope to see you there.


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